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One can see that Mr. Yazzie is talented and relates his art to his heritage. Benton Yazzie comes from a Navajo family of 12. He attended boarding school at Fort Wingate, New Mexico. As a child he spent his summer months with his Grandma in a small Hogan on the Navajo Reservation. At age 8 he started to draw. He says this helped him deal with the pain and frustration of a disruptive home life. His Grandma taught him the Navajo language and the basics of the Dine (Navajo) Nation traditional way of life. Benton has good memories of Summer evenings when he and his brothers would draw for entertainment. It became a game for them to see who could produce the best drawing.

If you drive along Coors Boulevard in Albuquerque going north you will see a mural at the Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI). This art work was done by Mr. Yazzie. Again, if you drive past the Good Shepherd Animal Clinic at the corner of Menaul and Jefferson in Albuquerque you will see another of Mr. Yazzie's murals.

Mr. Yazzie has 52 college credits from SIPI. His future goal is to own an Art Gallery with a coffee shop. His current full time work is construction, which helps him support his family.

Mr. Yazzie uses pencil, pen and ink, acrylics and watercolor to create his art. He recently teamed with an author, Jennifer Dewings, to illustrate a children's book entitled "The Shaman and the Water Serpent". This book has been published by UNM Press and can be purchased at their website for $16.95. It is a story based on the Anasazi and how they communicate through petroglyphs. Mr. Yazzie will soon be starting work on the illustrations for another book, "Second Wind: the story of a Navajo boy.


2010 New Mexico State Fair - Honorable Mention for the painting "Enrich"

2010 Durant, OK Arts and Crafts Show - Grand Prize 1st Place for the pen and ink drawing "Rose"

2009 Navajo Nation Fair - 3rd Place for the painting "Flicker Dancer"

2008 Durant, OK Arts and Crafts Show - 1st Place Ribbon for Best in Show for the painting "Iron Elk"

2007 New Mexico State Fair - 1st Place for the pen and ink drawing "I'm Not My Brother's Keeper"

2007 New Mexico State Fair - Honorable Mention for the sculpture "Integrity"

2005 New Mexico State Fair - 3rd Place for the oil painting "Arthur"
Benton at Window Rock
Albuquerque, NM
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